It was back in 1908 that several dozen students took classes at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

Over the century, the MBA degree has become a force in commerce — with programs around the world — and new trainings for executives deep into their careers.

Now, in its second century, the MBA continues to evolve – and grow online. At Harvard Business School, there’s HBX – advanced business education reimagined for the digital age.


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1 discussion post. Onlinembaprogram1 said: An online degree can search useful for grown-ups who wish to redesign aptitudes and lift their reasons for liv...
An online degree can search useful for grown-ups who wish to redesign aptitudes and lift their reasons for living, however will's character unfit to take classes on grounds amidst the day because of occupation or family obligations. Online Best Mba...
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Today we’re talking about the future of the MBA with Scott DeRue, the dean of University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. And he may have a fresher perspective than most b-school deans. He took the helm a couple of years ago when he was just 39 years old.

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