While you will opt for luxury Bolivian salt flats tour, your tour operator will show you Salar De Uyuni. This is a prehistoric lake and it has dense six feet salt crust so, it looks like a desert. According to scientists, it is spread over more than four thousand square miles and it has more than ten thousand tons of eatable salt. Plus, it has the liquid brine which is available hidden beneath the crust and they account almost half of world’s lithium reserves. Accumulating all these things, this place becomes worthy to visit. Seared by day, solidified by night, the pads harbor a standout amongst the most outrageous day by day temperature divisions on the planet.


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    Want to experience the “Largest Mirror on Earth”? Planning Salar de Uyuni tours in Bolivia with Esmeralda Tours offer the opportunity of seeing the spectacular natural phenomena. If you want to live and experience a very unique scene of spectacular beauty in Bolivia, check in to our hotel at Salar de Uyuni and feel the magical, natural wonderful ambiance while staying. For immediate booking, contact us at (591) 26932130!

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